4 Color High-Definition Paper Cube Screen Printing System 

Print 4 Colors on Paper Cubes From 2.5 to 4 inches in size

Fully Automated Robotic Pick-And-Place Operation with intelligent "No Block - No Print" control software.


Digital PLC System

User Friendly System Control

Full Color Touch Panel

Control Individual Print Heads and UV Stations

Job Auditing System

Detailed Machine Diagnostic System


Screen Print Station

Full X-Y-R Adjustment

Magnetic Frame Holder

Individual Pressure Adjustments



Adjustable Speed Load and Unload Conveyors

Advanced Robotic Arm Pick and Place and Unload System

No Block - No Print Detection System


Cube Rotation Handling System

Automatic Cube Rotation System

Print Up To 4 Sides in 4 Colors

Technical Specifications

Cycle Speed: Up to 1,500 Parts Per Hour

Print Heads: 4 Print Heads

UV Curing System: 4 UV Systems

Number of Turntable Stations: 25 Stations

Control System: OMRON PLC

Electrical Supply: 220 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz

Amperage Draw: 45 A

Power Consumption: 19 kW

Compressed Air: 220 L/min @ 6 BAR (7 c.f.m @ 90 p.s.i.

Required Space For Machine (mm): 5000 (W) x 6000 (L) x 2500 (H)

Dimensions (mm): 1758 (W) x 2628 (L) x 2460 (H)

Gross Weight: 4250 Kg

Net Weight: 3750 Kg