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Industrial Printers & Inks

Discover the amazing quality of InkFlexx inks, and Pentex Print Master pad printing and screen printing machines. Our Pentex pad and screen printers are user friendly and designed for optimum efficiency.

Multi-purpose InkFlexx inks and additives can be used as a single or two component ink to print on all substrates.  InkFlexx is a high opacity, low odour premium ink, with color matching available.

Whether you’re looking to print on plastic, vinyl, glass, ceramic, aluminum, tin, galvanized iron, stainless steel, chrome, or rubber, InkFlexx is your one ink for all substrates.

Pad Printers

Choose from five different pad printers series whose main frames can accommodate single, two, four, or six-color printing.

Our magnetically sealed ink cup systems come with ceramic rings, while x-y-z adjustable plateholders and micro-adjustment allow for easy print alignment. A 10-station linear pneumatic conveyor and shuttle attachments are also available in some models.

Screen Printers

Our screen printing machines use a container inflation system and can be configured to print on flat, round, and conical-shaped items. Printers can operate in single-step or in continuous operation with variable speeds up to 1,200 units per hour.

Inflation unit attachments allow for consistent printing of bottles and containers, while our X-Y-R micro-adjustable tables provide accurate print registration. Our rodless cylinders also reduce print friction and enhance the machine’s life span.

Inks & Additives

Our single or two-component inks can be used to print on all substrates and offer high-opacity with low odor. Twenty-four standard ink colors are readily available, while custom color-matching is available on request.

Ink additives on hand include pre-treatments, levelers, thinners, hardeners, retarder paste, along with anti-wear and extender base.